Corporate & Nonprofit Governance

Sano & Associates, P.C. regularly provides advice to corporate and nonprofit management, including officers, executives, boards of directors, boards of trustees, other governing bodies, as well as to the entities and individuals that they oversee.  We help them to navigate the complex and often confusing worlds of corporate and nonprofit governance, management and compliance.

We have advised our clients on a broad range of issues, including director, trustee, and officer fiduciary duties and obligations; compensation, self-dealing and inurement issues; oversight, supervision, and disclosure requirements imposed by federal and state law; disclosure requirements under various laws; best practices for board policies and procedures; and proper implementation and management of activities, including lobbying and political activity that may affect entities’ legal status.  We have also advised public entity clients and boards on issues such as Open Meetings Act requirements, unethical and illegal director, trustee or officer misconduct, and management of interactions with the public given constitutional and other limitations.

We have counseled high profile clients in highly sensitive situations and understand the importance of providing thoughtful and creative advice as well as confidential and discrete representation.  Our goal is to partner with you, answer your questions and solve your problems.